How We Do

How we do

MMCS excels in Brand Imaging by an excellent track record of bringing quality Institutes in India since 2010.
We create strong Brand name with the help of preceding Marketing activities for better Conversation Rate and Brand Value.











1)Provide Independent Office Space and Setup: We provide independent office spaces to our partners (Colleges/Universities) to start their operations in India. The space will be used to conduct the branding of all products and services provided or planning to be launched by them. For example, we have a dedicated office setup for Czech College and a separate office space for University of Ulster etc. which is used to plan and execute their branding activities independently.

2)Contact Information Setup: After complete office setup, a dedicated phone line, preferably a cloud telephonic service is installed for our partners, which serves the purpose of having a dedicated contact number and helps in effective two way communication with partners.
This cloud telephonic service has the possibility of tracking all incoming calls, thus helping us to create and maintain a complete database.

3)Complete Transparency: MMCS representative works as a dedicated, outsourced team member of the partner institute who explores and expands their market. He maintains and updates the database related to all leads, follow ups and responses on Google Spreadsheet for better transparency with the institute. Both the parties can update the spreadsheet at their ends with the status and can review the same as and when required.

4)Targets Achievement: The numbers are finalized with the partner institutes after working out the best marketing plans and the roadmap requirements to achieve those goals. MMCS has a track record of achieving more than 80% of the numbers promised to our partner institutes.