About Us

Our Vision: “To serve education Industry with a motto of being ethical”.

By being ethical we mean:

  • We consult our students to take the right decision based on their interest, aspiration and career growth
  • We stick to our commitment.
  • We give the right talent to the educational institutions.

Our Mission: “To work towards building a common knowledge sharing platform for international educational systems in India with a long term goal of increasing productivity with the help of ideas and cultural mix”.

Who we are:

MMCS is a 6 year old UK registered Education Management Consultancy with its headquarters in Birmingham. Established in 2009, it holds two offices in India.

Since inception, MMCS has proven track record of flourishing different universities recruitment activities in South East Asia. Our local expertise helps us to understand the demand and improve the product positioning in turn expediting the process and increasing recruitment numbers of our Partner Universities.

MMCS has been trusted by several foreign Universities and Colleges to strengthen their recruitment strategy and drive sales in Indian sub–continent. MMCS helps in building and making their partner’s local presence strong by developing effective marketing and branding strategy.